Wednesday, July 2

Exacly a month...

...since my last post! Exams are finally over, and went as well as could be expected, for the most part. Physics excepted, but then, I only learnt the first third of the syllabus, so I was hardly expecting it to go well.

Exams have actually been over for about two weeks, but I've been super-busy volunteering at Oxfam, which I discovered has a fab online charity shop, making sushi like a mad woman to satisfy my cravings...

(I invented the one in the middle! Brie and Avocado, it's amazing
if I say so myself)

...babysitting like a mad woman to satisfy my purse, and putting together outfits for my week at Central Saint Martins. I'm taking a pattern cutting course to refine my skills, and I'm desperate to make an impression on the tutors, hopefully a favorable one!

I need to crop them and stuff, but there shall be some outfit posts sometime in the next few days.


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