Sunday, April 20

Not really channeling Cassie

This outfit was originally inspired by a character from Skins, Cassie, but in the end I couldn't find much in my wardrobe to do so. I love Hannah Murray's ability to pull off really long skirts without looking old fashioned, or prudish, so I channeled that a bit. The outfit I'm wearing is probably a bit tame for her tastes, but I'm not really in a very OTT mood. It's a Sunday.
The dusky pink skirt is actually a dress, which fits me hideously round the bust. It's also a bit dressy for every day, but I think dressing it down with a jumper worked quite well. I'm trying to work up the courage to chop the top off permanently, and make it a skirt, but... I have problems cutting up stuff I paid more than a fiver for, even if i know I never wear it in its current state!

Dress - Episode, Sweater - M&S, Belt - Vintage, Tights - M&S

I spotted this dress on Craftster today, and really like it. It's so bold and... wow. And I really like the silhouette that the short bubble hem creates, which makes it a teeny bit like that crazy Balenciaga dress, but way, way more wearable. I'd love to wear it with bare legs and gladiator sandals once summer finally makes an appearance, so I'll definately be on the lookout for floral charity shop dresses to 'upgrade'. I have to say, despite all the love that it's been given on the blogs and in magazines, I hate the Balenciaga dress. Clothes, in my opinion, should work with the body, not against it like that dress does. It looks like it doesn't fit the model, it certainly doesn't flatter her and to be honest, I think it'd look more like sculpture than clothing when it wasn't being worn.


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missie.eng said...

Hey, AWESOME! The dress WAS actually supposed to be reminiscent of Balenciaga S/S 08! Good call. The original Balenciaga definitely looks awkward to me, too.

I love your dress! It makes me think of ballerinas.