Friday, April 25

The fashion-ey post (with a bit of thrifty, and some crafty)

I adore headbands. Prissy ones with little bows make everything cuter, and the variety that go over your forehead (think flappers) make everything a wee bit more roaring. (like the '20s.) Those are my favourite types, but of course there are a hundred other types. I adore feathered ones, but I've yet to find a fake one I like, and given that I'm vegetarian, real feathers would be rather hypocritical.

Yesterday, browsing through my blog feed, I saw that Miss Couturable had written an article for doesthislookstupid. On hairbands no less! I'm in awe of that girl's eloquence and drive, and the sheer amount of STUFF she does. Very impressive. Anyway, after I'd read the article I had a deep and insatiable hankerin' for a new hairband, so I pulled out my scrap bag and some gold fabric paint and went to town. I knocked off the Anna Vince headband in Miss C's article, but with my own messy-chic twist :It is actually real leather, despite what I said earlier about feathers! The reason I don't object to wearing this leather is that it's recycled. It was a leather skirt that I bought in a charity shop to cut up, so as I'm not contributing directly to the producers if I buy leather second hand, I'm okay with that. I really love making headbands, because they're such a quick fix! And this one cost me nada - the leather, thread, paint and headband were all things I had lying around already.



missie.eng said...

Cute! Question: did you just sew the bow to the headband, or did you use any kind of glue? I was going to make headbands, but glue seemed to messy and I was afraid sewing wouldn't hold.

Rose said...

Hey! I sewed it on, but it slid up and down the hairband too much, so I used a couple of teeny dots of hot-glue to hold it in place.