Saturday, April 19

Hello world

Nice to meet you.


I'm sixteen years old, right now. Sixteen years, four months and two days, actually. I adore fashion, from reading about it to making it to wearing it. But especially making it. Over the past two years, I've become gradually more obsessed with going to Central Saint Martins, and studying fashion there. The first time I saw the name was in the book 'How to Walk in High Heels', (which, for the record, taught me nothing of the sort.) Then I began to notice that this name cropped up in fashion blogs and magazines a lot. You know how it is when things crop up in clusters? I just kept seeing the name everywhere. My curiosity piqued, I decided to look it up and upon discovering a list of alumni, fell in love. The more I read about the college's alumni and history, the more set on getting into it I became.

So when I read that it was relocating, my feelings were mixed. On the one hand, a more unified, campus and up-to-date accommodation is a good thing, but the history of the old site(s) is undeniable and combined with the busy location, part of what attracted me. There's a blue plaque up to commemorate the first ever Sex Pistols gig, and it's namechecked by Jarvis Cocker in 'Common People.' The sheer number of fantastically inspiring artists, musicians and fashion designers who have passed through it must make it an amazing place to learn, although how much of that is to do with the building I don't know. I hope the new campus can retain its vibe and that the less central location doesn't totally suck, but at least if it does I'll have been once - I'm going on a summer course there later this year.

This was a slightly convoluted post, but hopefully it gives a bit of insight into me. In future, I fully plan on having lots of outfit posts and posts about, y'know, clothes, but this was current, pertinent and provided a nice way for me to introduce myself and my ambitions.


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