Wednesday, April 30

Coldplay and prom

If you haven't yet downloaded the FREE. That's right, FREE Coldplay single, I heartily recommend that you do so pronto (it expires on Monday). It's Chris Martin at his finest, and much less downbeat than I felt a lot of 'X&Y' was. I really love Coldplay, but when I got an opportunity to see them live, I had to give my ticket away because I was ill! Rotten luck...

And my original topic, prom. It's not as big a deal over here as it seems to be in the states, but nonetheless it's been the sole talking point at school since January. And that includes some of my guy friends. We're only allowed to invite people from our school and year, which limits date-options rather, but the location they've chosen seems pretty nice, and even if the music is terrible, one last hoorah with my classmates should be fun.

Of course, the main event is the dresses, and when I say prom has been the only conversation topic since January, what I mean is that dresses have been the only conversation topic since January. In my head, I have a bright red, knee length '50s pin-up girl dress, but that seems not to exist outside of my grey matter. I'd really, really like to make my own prom dress, but as I've got exams until a week or two before it, I doubt I'll have time. Infact, I have a feeling that I may be ordering a dress online the weekend before my prom, because my indecisiveness is rivaled only by my talent for procrastination.

Dress may not be decided, shoes and accessories have. I'd really like to wear either a fascinator, or a wee pillbox hat. Pillbox hat is more original, but I don't really fancy fielding snarky comments about my headwear all evening, so I'll probably opt for a fascinator. Depending on my dress, I'd love a peacock feather one, but obviously that wouldn't match everything. Failing that, claires accessories has some surprisingly nice ones, although I can't find any pictures online. Shoes will, unless I deviate dramatically from my plan, be black patent peep-toes. I bought them way back in November because I knew I'd wear them, even if not for prom. I definitely want to make part of my prom ensemble, so I suspect I'll wind up making my bag. Probably a black (recycled) leather clutch, but if I wear peacock feathers in my hair, I'll probably work them into my bag too.

I'm hopeless with makeup, so I haven't a clue what I'll do with that, but for my hair I quite fancy a (very small) beehive. Not like this. Or this. Or maybe pincurls? Not sure how a fascinator would work with that though... I really ought to have an experiment with some makeup, I'm not forking out for getting it done professionally, and leaving it to the last minute sounds like a recipe for disaster...



Miss Lauren said...

Have you tried Style
Shake for your dress? You design it, they make it and its ready in 10 working days?

missie.eng said...

WOW it sounds like you're going to OWN your look. Peacock feathers sound amazing, especially if they're going to match your bag.