Wednesday, April 23

Turquoise and Red

You wouldn't believe how long I deliberated over which colour to put first in the title. Personally I think red with turquoise accents looks best, but turquoise and red sounds better in terms of word order. And then on top of that, in the middle of my considering that dilemma, it struck me that maybe that bluey colour is more of an aqua? I really should stop over-thinking this kinda thing.

Anyway, it's my new favourite colour combination, and it was kicked off by this post. What incredible shoes, right? The blog author apparently couldn't find them on the website, but I found them here, for an incredible £13. I'm holding out to have a proper rummage of the site before I order them, but order them I most certainly will.

My googling turned up a fairly pathetic bunch of results for other things in a red/turquoise palette, but I did find a few things on etsy. There's also a photo-sharing group on flickr with some really lovely photos, I especially liked this one of a fire hydrant.

Looking down the page on my blog, I remembered that my most recent purchase is red, so I've been contemplating how to accessorise that turquoisely. Turquoise tights would probably be a bit much, no?



missie.eng said...

TOTALLY GO FOR TURQUOISE TIGHTS! Or, y'know, like, a scarf.

shana said...

Those are adorable!