Tuesday, April 22

Please look after this bear

I picked up this coat today in a charity shop and it wasn't 'till my brother pointed it out that I realised precisely how much it looks like Paddington's duffel coat! There was some debate over the dinner table as to whether Paddington's is red or blue, but frankly my dears... you know the rest. Wearing it makes me want to eat marmalade... and shove my hands deep, deep into those lovely big pockets!

I don't own many coats, and of the few I do own, I always seem to end up wearing the same one - hopefully this new one will facilitate some branching out. I love how the oversized silhouette looks with just tights (over my school skirt), so I guess it'd probably look good with skinnies too. I must experiment. Once I've satisfied those marmalade cravings...



missie.eng said...

Okay, sorry for excessive commenting, but that's a really cute coat. Even the toggles are red!!

Mikkle said...

love coats like this! have one in green